Thursday, October 21, 2010

My delightfully scary Vampiress!

Halloween is almost here, and my girl wanted to be scary this year! So, we got a dress, black hair spray, and glow in the dark press on nails for girls. She also asked me to do her makeup..YAY, fun for mommy too! Here she is, all "spookified" and ready for a friends' party last weekend....

Isn't she cute and spooky all in one? Her younger brother was actually scared of her and said he didn't like it all! I love the "mean" picture the best, and what kind of scrappy mom would I be if I didn't scrap it right away? Hmmm? :)

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CaninosArtisticCafe said...

OMG I thought that first picture was of a doll. She could be a model!! Holy Cow is she good! Those faces are awesome and the costume to die for. Yes she is totally adorable and Definately Scarey!! Reminds me of the shoots they do in America's next top model for real! Thanks so much for sharing. Totally love that scrapbook page too, really awesome!