Thursday, May 29, 2008

Check out my darling little witch!

I had to wait awhile on paint to dry for this one,but I finally got it done. I absolutely love this pic of my daughter. I remember the photo shoot,and how she kept trying to pick up and chew on the witchy props! I can't believe she's three now!

Waiting on the paint to dry...

And it drives me crazy. I get going on a layout,then decide I need to add some paint. I love paint,I really do,but I hate how it slows me down! Here I sit,a finished layout in my mind,and I can't make it happen until the paint dries....UGHHH!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A cruddy Tuesday...

That's what today is. It's overcast outside,I'm tired,and I have a cold . My sinuses are just throbbing...Yuck. I am working on housework,but really want to be scrapping. I just don't have any energy,so I'm not feeling that creative spark. I can't sit down and force myself to scrap,I just go blank if I try,so I've learned to not force it. Yesterday I had a few ideas and I really wanted to do a layout,but I took my kids to the zoo instead. That's more important anyway,making great memories with them.