Friday, July 11, 2008

Some projects for My Acrylic Album!

Using alcohol inks on paper

While playing around with my newest purchase(alcohol ink),I discovered a cool way to make patterned paper. I used white card stock,three different colored inks,the Ranger ink applicator and mini mister,rubbing alcohol and cottonballs,and a foam stamp.

I began by misting the cardstock,you want it damp,but not soaking wet...
Apply the inks to your applicator. It doesn't matter where you place each color,they will blend in their own unique way.
Begin stamping the damp cardstock. You may need to reload ink onto your applicator. Continue until you've covered the amount of paper you want.
This is what you'll end up with:

To soften and blend the inks,I applied rubbing alcohol to a cottonball,and lightly rubbed it over the ink. Go slowly,and don't press down hard.
Next,I used alcohol ink on my stamp and stamped my paper several times.
It ended up looking like this,it's so pretty in person.
After this dried thoroughly,I used it on this layout. I really like how it turned out. Give it a try!