Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Inspired Crafting...

Memorial Day is a day to say thank you to our veterans, and show American Pride. I also happen to love making red, white, and blue crafts and layouts at this time of year. Over the last few days I've spent my free time working at my craft table. I've got a lot of things to share...

I'll start with the item that took so much time, yet was so easy to do, and is absolutely worth the effort. I made a wreath by tying jean strips, lace, gingham trim, and May Arts ribbon around a simple wicker wreath form. When finished with all that tying (and that was a lot!), I glued the wreath onto a cardboard circle that I had covered with a piece of paper from the Moxxie Liberty collection. I finished it with a few buttons and, of course, "USA" in white felt...

Next up was a fun and simple idea to liven up one of my daughter's old shirts. I used May Arts ribbons, buttons, and  Fabri Tac. Ummm, because I don't sew and it really works! Here's how I did it:

Gather your trims/ribbons and shirt.

Cut the ribbons into 3-4 inch segments.

Cut the edges to resemble pennants or flags.

Layer the ribbons, pennant side down. Use Fabri Tac to glue down just the tops.

Add a piece of ribbon to cover the top edges.

Now, decorate with buttons, let dry for several hours, and then your model can try it on! Rylie just loved it!

Now for my last project to share. I scrapped a photo we had taken at the Field of Heroes in Westerville, OH. They display over 3,000 American flags, representing veterans, for the project, and I have to tell you, it chokes you up to walk through it. We go every year, if only for a little while. I used the same technique of tying up May Arts ribbons with other assorted trims in a wreath shape. I then added my photo and finished up the layout with Moxxie's Hometown Celebration collection. The result is, I think, quite dramatic. As it should be.

So tell me, what have you been creating lately? How did you spend your long Memorial weekend?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Scrappin'....

Today I'm scrapping the day away. On my scrap table is one of my favorite paper collections from Moxxie: Reach For The Stars. I've got several projects to make with it today, but thought I'd share my first one. Lots of paint on here, which just adds to the dreaminess of the photo I think!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hope You Have A Kool Summer!

I've been working on treat bags for the kids to hand out to their classmates on the last day of school. I really loved an idea I saw on Pinterest that uses Kool-Aid packets and straws. They seemed pretty easy to make so I gave it a shot, and love the results!

First I had to choose a paper, and turned to something fun and colorful from Moxxie. I used bold, rainbow-striped "It's Your Day" from the Party Time collection. I printed out the sayings I wanted...

Cut them out and mounted them on cardstock, then  tied a little bit of twine around them...

And using a mini stapler, I attached them to my treat bags that contained a straw and a packet of powdered Kool-Aid mix...

I sure hope the kids like these! I think they are a cute way to say "goodbye" for the summer. Are you making any kind of class treat for your kids to hand out this year? I'd love to hear about it!

Monday, May 20, 2013

"Make A Wish" Jar

I see so many fun things on Pinterest, and many are great to do with kids! I have seen "wish" jars several times on the site, and decided to give that a try.  My kids helped me collect the dandelion heads and we placed them in a jar. I thought they would fall apart easily, but no, they do hold their shape very well! Adding a little kraft  wrapping paper, some hemp cord, and a tag made with an SRM Sticker complete our very sweet and simple wish jar. The kids love it, and have already opened it up to make wishes!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Flower RAK Winner!

Thank you to those who played my little NSD guessing game! I had two people REALLY close! One guess was within 11, while my winner was only 8 away from the actual total! The exact number of flowers in the bowl was 205...  That makes my winner:

Melissa Williams said...
I'm going to go with 213. It sounds like a good number! LOL

Yes indeed Melissa, that was a very good number! Congratulations, now do tell me what exactly are you going to DO with 205 new flowers? LOL! 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy NSD! Wanna Win a RAK From Me??

(If you're coming from the Globecraft  & Piccolo blog, check out my second project post HERE! )

Hello, and HAPPY National Scrapbook Day to all my scrappy friends! This is OUR day to turn off the phone, hand the kids off to our husbands/boyfriends/babysitters, eat lots of chocolate, order a pizza, and barricade ourselves in our scrap rooms!  Doesn't that just sound heavenly for one day? I certainly hope you all get the free time to enjoy our hobby today, you deserve it! As for me, I am excited because I get to go to a crop with friends and family today. YAY!


Before I head out of here and start my day, I want to issue you a really EASY challenge on this beautiful NSD! By now you know, nearly every scrap site, blog, and manufacturer out there is doing something for this special day. There will be challenges, discounts, and RAKS galore. I am offering up a RAK as well, and mine takes just seconds to do. That way, you can play along and get right back to all those other challenges you want to do today. Here's what you need to do to win. First, have a look at these pictures:

What you're looking at is a small fish bowl with flowers in it. This is a HUGE assortment of colors, shapes, materials, and styles. You see, I cleaned and reorganized my flower storage a few weeks ago, and decided to share my wealth with one other lucky flower lover. Do YOU want to win all of these flowers?? All you have to do is this:

*** Guess how many flowers are in the fish bowl. Leave me a comment on this post with your guess, and the person CLOSEST to the actual number will win them ALL! ***

A few hints for you to consider:

* There are a few mini rose bunches in here. These do NOT count as "one". I counted each bud.

* There is a package in there, it is not counted as one either. You need to add the quantity of the flowers inside it to your guess.

* There are a few butterflies and a gemstone branch, these also count toward the total.

I am going to leave the comments on this open until Sunday, May 5th at midnight, EST. On Monday morning, I'll be announcing the lucky flower winner. If by chance, two or more people happen to pick the exact number in the bowl, the winner will be the first person who guessed it. I hope you play along, and have a fabulous scrappy weekend!!

Got Ink??

Today is National Scrapbook Day! What better way to celebrate than by scrapping a photo of myself scrapping. Did you follow that? LOL!

I took one of my favorite crop photos, one with my hands stained with inks and sprays, and scrapped it. This is real life to me, my hands absolutely DO look like that when I am scrapping-it-up and I wouldn't have it any other way!

For the title, I used a Fancy Rectangle Banner Bezel from Globecraft & Piccolo. I gave it a healthy coating of Bright Yellow 3D Enamel Gel, also from G&P!

Friday, May 3, 2013

May Moxxie Blog Hop: It's Graduation Time!

Welcome to Moxxie's May Muse-A-Palooza Blog Hop! 

This month we are featuring and you could WIN the entire "Graduation Day" collection! Many people are preparing for graduations of all kinds this time of year, from Pre-school all the way up to College and everything in between plus don't forget those other successes and milestones that are overcome with a little less flare. This line is perfect for all of those moments, inspiring quotes, fabulous designs and a color palette to match whatever you need for your page or project. Check it out!
To have a chance to win, you need to: 
  • Follow the hop through all eleven participating blogs, check out the beautiful work of the Moxxie Muses, and leave a comment for each of them. 
  • Comments will close at midnight CST on Tuesday, May 7th. 
  • Winner will be announced the next day on the Moxxie blog
  • International fans are welcomed to play along if they agree to pay shipping in the event of their win. 
  Here is your hopping order in case you get lost along the way you can come back here and pick up where you left off. Good luck and happy hopping!

For the hop, I made a card for the graduate. It's the kind of card everyone would love to get: It comes with a nice crisp twenty dollar bill! I used a bubble globe from Globecraft & Piccolo to enclose it. The grad can easily lift up the dome at one end to retrieve their hard-earned reward!