Monday, December 30, 2013

Giveaway time!!

I'm ringing in the new year with a giveaway! The amazing folks at Yasutomo told me I could pick a product I love, and they would give one away. Aren't they great! So, I had a very tough decision to make, as I love their products, but I decided on....

The Oil Pastels! The colors are beautiful! Would you like to win these? All you have to do is leave me a comment HERE on my blog, and go "Like" the Yasutomo Facebook page! Go HERE to like them! That's it! Comments are open for a week, so you'll have plenty of time to enter. I'll announce the winner here and on my facebook page on Monday, January 6. GOOD LUCK, and tell your friends so they can enter too!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall tag!

Today I'm up on the Yasutomo blog with a tutorial on how to make this lovely fall tag.

                                               Go check it out HERE....

Friday, September 27, 2013

Paper Mache Pumpkin Makeover!

Today my very first design team project for Yasutomo is up on their blog! I created a quick tutorial to show how to make this!

Go check it out on the Niji Creative Collective blog!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pumpkin Pail Tower!

It's September, and to me, that means it's time to kick off fall and all her holidays! My favorite being Halloween, OF COURSE. Did you know that Halloween decor doesn't have to be expensive? Sure, stores will be selling great display pieces, but the price tag can make you look twice. Did you know, that almost ALL stores sell inexpensive pieces, that with a little creativity and a glue gun, can be show stoppers?

Allow me to show you how to decorate for Halloween on the cheap. I am NOT afraid of being cheap, lol. Not at all. It's always smart to save money when you can! Today, I made a cool and LARGE Halloween prop for just $7. Yes, you read that right, SEVEN DOLLARS. Wanna see it??
Here ya go....

So, how did I make a cool, lime green, pirate jack-o-lantern tower, you ask? Let me tell ya! I went to Walmart, they were setting out Halloween goodies last week at my store. They had these lime green trick-or-treat pails for a buck a piece. Sooo, I snatched up FIVE. Yep, I'm greedy when it comes to Halloween!

 I also grabbed a nice pirate hat for only $1.98. If you're paying attention, you'll see that that is where I get my $7 prop price from. At home, I already had a glue gun and glue sticks, as well as black creepy cloth. If you don't have that, hit the Dollar Store and pick some up for a buck!

All that I had to do was stack and glue the pumpkin pails, tie/glue the creepy cloth around them, and glue on the pirate hat. That was it, so easy! It looks so great in my living  room right now!

Friday, August 2, 2013

August Moxxie Blog Hop Featuring Quite Contrary!

Hello Moxxie fans!  This month we are featuring one of our brand new collections Quite Contrary.   So dig out your garden photos and get ready because the Muses will be planting some great ideas in your creative minds for this beautiful line of papers and stickers.     

The blend of muted tones is perfect for outdoor garden photo pages.   And if your thumb is not so green you can create fabulous cards and/or home decor projects.  

If you are familiar with the Moxxie Blog Hops then you know you can have a chance to win this brand new line.  All you have to do is leave a comment on all of the following blogs.    International fans are welcome to play along if they agree to pay shipping in the event they win.  Comments can be made until Midnight Tuesday, August 6th and the winner will be announced on the Moxxie Blog on Wednesday, August 7th! Enjoy!

For the hop, I decided to take the term "green thumb" quite literally by painting my hand brown and green and "stamping" onto my layout. A cardstock sticker turned the hand print into the perfect title block! What do you think?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

SIX Brand New Collections From Moxxie!!

Come one, come all! Moxxie has SIX brand new collections ready to ship. So pick your favorites, then run to your LSS and tell them to order Moxxie! Let's have a look at the great new stuff, shall we?

    ***  Magical Moments
A great collection for all things Disney. The bold red, yellow, and black color combo is sure to make your projects shine!

   *** Quite Contrary
A beautiful gardening line, so you can scrap those tomatoes, peppers, and anything else you grow!

   *** Forever Fall
Rich colors, fun patterns, and great fall images all rolled into one fabulous collection! Perfect for so many festivals, family gatherings, and fall photo ops!

  *** Fighting Back
Sadly, cancer touches practically all of us in one way or another. This line is in honor of those strong ladies, fighting the fight! Never give up!

  *** At The Ballpark
This is great collection, and the green in this line is very striking. It must be seen in person to appreciate the richness!

*** Soccer
Calling all soccer moms, get in here! You'll love this collection, with  it's bold patterns and colors, and the great die cut stickers and rub ons, fit for both boys and girls!

Well, there you have it! Which one of these new collections is your favorite? 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Moxxie July Blog Hop!

Hi Everyone,

Guess what day it is?  Yes, that is correct.  It is the first Friday of the month and that means it is Moxxie Blog Hop time.  This month we are going to shake things up just a bit!  Design Team Member Mary Pat Siehl has created another sketch for you and each Muse will show you their take on the sketch.  The Muses will be using all different Moxxie collections.  It is going to be so fun to see what collections the Muses are using and to see how each one interprets the sketch.

So let's get us started with the sketch!  This sketch is very fun and lends itself to many different interpretations.
Isn't this sketch great?  

So let's get hopping.  Here are the Moxxie Muse's links.  Simply hop to ALL the blogs and Leave a Comment. Don't forget the final stop- The Moxxie Blog and leave a comment there.  

So have I mentioned the Giveaway?  This month one winner will win ONE ENTIRE COLLECTION of their choosing from the Moxxie store.  Isn't that just so awesome????  I know!  It totally rocks!  So I know you are going to have fun today!

The hop starts today and the winner will be announced Wednesday July 10th, 2013 on the Moxxie blog.  Good luck! International fans are welcome to play along as long as they agree to pay shipping in the event of their win.

For the sketch I used the fun Chilling Out collection, and played around with some mists in the background!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

No-Sew Denim Pocket Purse Featuring May Arts Ribbon!

Today I'm sharing some fun news AND a great upcycling tutorial, so grab some coffee or tea and spend a little time with me!

Last month I was thrilled and stunned to find out I had made it to Round 2 of the May Arts design team call! I love their products, and they have so many styles, textures, and colors of ribbon that they are truly the go-to place for trims. You need look nowhere else! Making it to Round 2 means that I had to come up with a project that featured May Arts in a fun and exciting way. After putting my thinking cap on, I decided upon a purse for my daughter. She is a creative girl, and she loves that momma is a crafty chick. I told her I would make her a purse out of daddy's old jean pockets and she was very thrilled. She said "Mommy that will be perfect because it will be something from daddy and something from you and I can keep it forever!"  That melted my heart, and I am so happy she appreciates the thought and effort behind upcycled and homemade gifts!

This purse is completely no-sew. I don't own a sewing machine, and even though I can sew by hand if need be, I wanted to share a fun tying technique that anyone can do. For this project, you will need:

  • Tons of May Arts ribbons!
  • Two denim pockets, cut from old jeans.
  • A crop-o-dile or other punch that will go through denim.
  • Lots and lots of brads, I ended up using 52.
  • Fabri Tac from Beacon Adhesives.
  • Pony beads

Step 1: Using a sharpie and a ruler, mark evenly spaced holes just inside the denim pocket seam. These are the holes that will be tied to make the purse secure. Use a crop-o-dile to punch through the holes.

Step 2: Line up the second denim pocket  so that it matches the first one. Use a sharpie in the holes that were already punched to mark the back of the second pocket. This ensures that the pockets will align correctly. Punch the holes in the second pocket.


Step 3: Gather brads and fairly thin strings for tying the purse together. I used SM03 Navy String and strands of burlap taken from a section of  398-4-11 Natural Wired Burlap.


Step 4: Begin  the tying process. Place the pockets back to back. Thread a piece of string through the holes of both pockets, and tie them together snugly.


Step 5: Position the brads. Each hole needs a brad, so there will be two that need placed after tying each string. Place a brad through the hole, spread the pockets apart, and flatten the wings down. Each brad needs to go through only one pocket.

Step 6: Continue down the side of the pocket, tying a hole and then placing the brads in each as you go.


Step 7: At the bottom of the purse, add a fringe by looping extra string underneath the brad wings. A tiny bit of Fabri Tac placed after putting in the brads will help hold them in place. I used  363 Twisted Burlap in Red and White for this.

Step 8: Continue tying strings, placing brads, adding fringe, etc across  the bottom and up the opposite side.


Step 9: When you reach the last hole, you need to put in the ribbon that will be the purse strap. Remove the brads from the top hole on the other side and add the strap to that side as well. Thread this ribbon up and through, then do the side-tying and brad techniques again. After that, start tying knots in the purse strap ribbon. Tie each side up until you reach the desired length, then tie both sides together to make the finished strap. Your basic purse should be completed at this point!

Step 10: With the purse form completed, now you can get to the fun stuff: Decorating!  I made some simple rolled flowers with 408 Woven Burlap in Red, White, and Blue.  Star brads from my stash were perfect flower centers. I made leaves with 445 Faux Burlap. A few strips of SA03 and SA14 Satin/White Star ribbon in Red and Blue completed the look. These were all attached with Fabri Tac.

Step 11: Add some whimsy to the purse with some pony beads tied into the bottom fringe.

Now the purse is done! This is a great project to sit down and do on a rainy day, or when you just want to throw  a movie in, but keep your hands busy while watching it.

The best part for me, was the look on my daughter's face when I gave her this. She was completely overjoyed. She has taken it with her everywhere since! It's perfect for her money, lip gloss,  and small toys.

What do you think? Is this something you think you might try? Let me know!