Sunday, June 29, 2008

Using alcohol inks on fabric

I LOVE alcohol inks,you can use them on anything! Just use your imagination! I want to share tips on using them on fabric embellishments. First you need to gather your supplies. I used five different colors of alcohol ink,the ranger alcohol ink applicator,and some fabric embellishments found in the Bridal section of Michaels and WalMart. (TIP-if you don't have the ink applicator,use cotton balls. You will need to be careful though,you run the risk of getting ink on your fingers this way! IF you get ink on your fingers:I use comet(powdered form)! It works every time!)

The next step is applying ink to the applicator. Apply small dots of the different colored inks,it doesn't matter how much or little of each color you apply,or where you apply it. I strongly feel part of working with alcohol inks is about letting go of control. Allow the inks to do what they like,I bet you'll love the results!
Now you can start on your embellishments. Press the applicator down firmly on your item,lift up,and repeat. You will notice that the different colors are melding together,making a unique pattern on your item. Repeat until the entire item has been covered in ink. You may need to apply more ink,just load your applicator the same as before.
Here is what you'll end up with:A uniquely custom colored embellishment. The multiple colors will add depth to your projects/layouts.
I like to use this technique on fabric flowers as well,just use the same steps...
You will end up with beautiful,uniquely colored flowers!!
If your flowers have a pearl,plastic,or bling center,you can color them as well! To get a deeper color,I like the direct bottle to item method.
Here are the beautiful custom colored embellishments I ended up with! The picture isn't really doing them justice!
Here is the layout I made the embellishments for. I love the texture they add! Go ahead and try this technique,it's fun and easy,and yeilds beautiful results!


That's right,I'm riding the toot train today! I've made my FIRST design team,and I am SO excited! I'm joining the beautiful and talented ladies of My Acrylic Album! If you're new to acrylics,or have never heard of MAA,PLEASE check them out! Their albums are beautiful,versatile,and high quality. Here is a link..
What are you waiting for? Go check them out NOW!! Stay tuned,I'll be posting some of their amazing albums,and great techniques, soon!

Monday, June 16, 2008

"Dadism's" card...

Made this for Father's Day using some of my favorite "dadism's". He loved it! This is a 6x12 card. I just folded a piece of 12x12 cs in half for it. It might look a touch purple,but that's actually tattered angels coffee shop glimmer mist.

Finally bought some alcohol ink...

And LOVE it! I just can't stop using it! Have a look at what I've made with them.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My first acrylic album!

I tell ya,I was a little nervous about working with acrylic! I've had an album in my stash for some time now,but had no clue what to do with it. Thanks to a little motivation from a challenge on,I set to work and came up with this. I am so pleased with how it came out! I have discovered I love working with acrylic,it's fun and challenging!