Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Favorite pair of jeans flower tutorial

You know we all have them. That favorite pair of jeans that we've owned simply FOREVER. We don't dare wear them out of the house because of all the holes in them, but they feel so very comfortable. There does, sadly, come a day when they do need to go. I couldn't completely part with mine this morning, so they had one more wash and dry, and then I took my scissors to them. I love the flowers I made with them, and this tutorial can, of course, be used with any ribbon/fabric you like best. But me, I know when I see these on my pages that I'll remember the jeans that kept me so comfortable and happy for all those years....

You will need:

* Old jeans/denim (or fabric of choice)
* Fabri Tac
* Good pair of scissors

Step 1.)
Begin by cutting your denim, and you will need two different lengths. For the petals, you need strips that are about 3.5" in length and a half inch in width. For the centers, you will need longer strips, about 15-16" in length and again about a half inch wide. These are not exact, just estimations, and you can experiment to find the sizes you really like to work with. For each flower, you need three short strips, and one long one.

Step 2.)
Build the base of your flowers. Apply a drop of tacky glue to the center of a short strip. Place a second strip on top, forming an "X". Add yet nother drop of glue to the center of the X and place the third denim strip to form a basic flower shape. Set this aside and move onto the flower center.

Step 3.)
Make the flower centers by laying a long strip out, flat. Apply glue the entire length of the strip, and roll it up.

Step 4.)
Now apply a few drops of glue in the center of the flower shape, and press the flower center onto it. Let them set up awhile, and they are ready to create with.

Have fun with the centers and add a touch of lace to them when you're rolling them up. You might need to trim a bit off when the center is rolled up if your lace is longer than you want. Just play around with it!

Here is a batch I made this morning, what do you think?