Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Arbor Day!

Now get outside and plant a tree if your weather permits! I took the kids out this morning and we planted a Thunderchild Crabapple. I got some great pictures, and of course, felt the need to scrap them right away. Here's my page. I used all kinds of embellies, including misted pieces of burlap, to make up the leaves of my tree.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sneak peek!

The May project kit from Scrapbook Kit Club is adorable, I loved creating with it!
Wanna little sneak?

This kit is VERY limited, and is available on May first. Don't want to miss out on it? Reserve a kit today, just go here:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reusing plastic packaging!!

So, if you've been scrapping for some time now, you know that there are MANY products that come in a protective plastic wrapping. Many of my favorite Prima flowers come packaged this way. I have been saving my packaging up, not wanting to throw them in the trash bin. After holding onto them for some time, today I finally decided it was time to get some use out of them!

I pulled out some packaging, and some alcohol inks. I didn't worry about the labels on them, as I have found them to be difficult to remove. I just left them on, and flipped the packaging over to the opposite side. I colored them with alcohol inks...

At this point, you can do what you like with them. I used one as an extra layer on this layout:

I also made some flowers, by tracing circles onto the plastic sheets and then cutting them out. I matted the smaller, inner layers on white cardstock so they would show up and adhered them with Zip Dry. Then, simply placing a brad in the centers finished off the look.

Here's the page I used the flowers on, I just love this one!

I hope this inspires you to try and use EVERYTHING you possibly can when you create. I think every little bit you keep out of the trash is a GOOD thing!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I've already hugged Mother Earth today, have you? Yes, I am serious, I got on the ground and hugged her. It actually feels good, if done on grass, LOL. If you're looking for some blogs to read, well, I have a few recommendations for you! Check out my post over on the Scrap N' Art blog today. I worked with some cool "Camped Out" goodies from Bella Blvd to make a page about Mother Earth! I also sneakie-peeked a bit of the upcoming May project kit over on the Scrapbook Kit Club's blog.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Magistical Memories chippie RAK winner!!

Happy Friday everyone! I have the winner of my Magistical Memories RAK to announce. Congratulations to....

Linda Beeson!

Please email me your address, with "RAK winner" as the subject line, and I will get this out to you!

I also want to remind everyone of this awesome deal:

25Spring for 25% off your entire order!

Go to the Magistical Memories store, fill up your cart, and enter the code 25Spring at checkout to receive your 25% discount. If you've been thinking of ordering, NOW is the time! I'd love to know what you got, so stop in here and tell me all about it if you like. Happy Shopping!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bleached out Prima's

It's no secret, I love Prima goodies. Flowers are a passion for me. I am NOT afraid to paint, ink, and otherwise distress the heck out of my flowers. I have been bleaching many things lately, so I figured I could do flowers too, and I might as well try it out!

If you want to try it, all you need is paper flowers, bleach, and paper towels. Pull out your flowers, and pour just a little bit of bleach into the cap. Place these on a paper towel.

All you have to do now, is simply dip the tips of the flowers into the bleach. You may want to go with a light touch here. The flowers REALLY suck up the bleach, and it will bleed up into the flowers pretty far. Then you only need to set the flowers down onto the paper towel to dry.

I tried several different colors, and after they dry, they look SO cool! Have a look:

The pink flowers really called to me, so I got them onto a layout first:

They look so cool and different! I believe I will be doing this technique quite often. How about you, is this something you may try??

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Paint challenge winner...

Just had one entry so that's super easy, LOL! Melissa, I'll get a RAK out to you!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easy double butterflies!

These are simple to make, and I find them to be very pretty! All you need is butterfly stamps, one small enough to fit onto the other. I even managed to use one of my daughter's inexpensive sponges as one of my butterfly stamps. I love it because it adds a fun, colorful look to the finished piece. I started with this stuff here:

I began by stamping the butterflies, not sure of how many I would end up with, I decided to make 12. Some didn't make a neat enough image, but since I was doing 12 I knew I would come away with some I liked. The easiest way to get multi colors on sponge stamps is to use paintbrushes to apply the paint. After I made the colored butterflies, I also stamped smaller butterflies using black ink.

After all the images had dried I cut out the butterflies that had the best shape and color. I lightly inked the painted butterflies with black ink, then glued the small butterflies on top of them. I applied just a drop of glue on the small butterflies, as I wanted to be able to lift the wings up for dimension. I used stickles to color in the small butterflies.

After the stickles dried, getting them onto a layout was easy!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Do-it-yourself beaded/flowered vines

I love the flowery, blingy vines that are popular right now. Making my own was easy, it just took a little time and the right materials. I used to make jewelry, so I have plenty of wire and gemstones on hand that I hardly use anymore.

To begin, fold a floral wire in half, you can use either white or green for this. I chose white. If you want to, you can use glimmer mist to color it as well. Wrap one half of the wire around the other until you reach the end. You will have a piece of wire about 6-7 inches long at this point. This is the "stem".

Begin making the branches for the vine. I threaded gems onto floral wire, and twisted one end to keep them in place.

For the flowers, I threaded floral wire through the center hole (many have a hole for brads) and twisted one end back around the other. Then I pinched the flower together, and wrapped the extra wire around the base to keep it in it's place.

For the leaves, I simply took a few Prima leaves and made a hole in them with my paper piercer. I threaded floral wire through them, just like the flowers.

After all the branches were done, I began to assemble the vine by wrapping them around the stem. It may take a little time to get the branches on in a design that is pleasing to the eye, but the results are worth it. To add a bit of color and interest to my vine, I wrapped a little gold wire around it as well.

Here's the layout I used this vine on, it works perfectly!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Making masculine embellishments

I'm a mother of one rather rambunctious three year old boy, so I am always thinking of ways to put a masculine spin on embellishments. Sometimes just inking or painting flowers and buttons is enough. But other times, I feel that creating my own items is a far better solution. A quick trip to the hardware store, or your husband's tool storage, can make for some fabulous finds. Have a look at what I hunted up:

Nuts, washers, pipe cleaners, and cardboard are just the ticket for manly embellishments. I decided to try a flourish made out of the pipe cleaners and nuts, and a large flower with the washers, cardboard, and pipe cleaners.

To begin the flourish, tie a knot on a pipe cleaner, approximately two inches from the end.

Thread the nuts onto the pipe cleaner until you have enough to make a swirly curve.

Tie another knot to keep the nuts on the pipe cleaner, and you can curl the loose ends up so it resembles a flourish. You can use it like this, OR, make another flourish in the same way. This time however, do NOT tie the pipe cleaner at the bottom.You will have two pieces, that look like this:

You can combine these two by placing the untied flourish underneath the completed one. Find a spot to tie them together by pushing the nuts apart. Wrap the pipe cleaner from the untied flourish around the completed one several times, and then cut off the excess. Smooth the edge down and you will have one large flourish ready for use.

Next I tried my hand at a cardboard flower. I cut a circle and petals from cardboard. They don't need to be the same size. and the more rough-looking, the better.

Begin by gluing the petals onto the circle. When finished, you can add a little paint to the petals. Roll up a pipe cleaner and glue it onto the center of your flower, and then add a few washers for good measure. I little bit of ink also helps give it a masculine look.

OK, so now I had two handmade manly embellishments, and I needed to see if I could get them on a page. I had the perfect pics of my son playing "Mr Fix It" with one of his new birthday toys. Here's what I came up with, I think the embellies look cool here! A bit different, but most definitely masculine. No frou-frou fluff on this baby! What do you think?