Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easy double butterflies!

These are simple to make, and I find them to be very pretty! All you need is butterfly stamps, one small enough to fit onto the other. I even managed to use one of my daughter's inexpensive sponges as one of my butterfly stamps. I love it because it adds a fun, colorful look to the finished piece. I started with this stuff here:

I began by stamping the butterflies, not sure of how many I would end up with, I decided to make 12. Some didn't make a neat enough image, but since I was doing 12 I knew I would come away with some I liked. The easiest way to get multi colors on sponge stamps is to use paintbrushes to apply the paint. After I made the colored butterflies, I also stamped smaller butterflies using black ink.

After all the images had dried I cut out the butterflies that had the best shape and color. I lightly inked the painted butterflies with black ink, then glued the small butterflies on top of them. I applied just a drop of glue on the small butterflies, as I wanted to be able to lift the wings up for dimension. I used stickles to color in the small butterflies.

After the stickles dried, getting them onto a layout was easy!


Vanessa said...

The butterflies are so charming! Thanks for making it look so easy!

Groovy Deborah said...

OMGosh those butterflies rule! I am so inspired! I will have to give that a try for sure :)