Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moxxie Projects!

Today I'm sharing the projects I sent to Moxxie for their CHA release party. I made a fun banner with the "Happy Camper" collection:

I also made a mini album with the "Hole In One" collection:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Homework Inspired Layout!

Recently I shared this post about a layout that was inspired by my daughter's summer homework assignments. Some homework pages have very cool designs that can be used for scrapbooking. Today I want to share another one!

This one is based on multiple choice Q & A problems. There is usually a question, sometimes accompanied by a picture, and then underneath are several answers. You simply need to circle the right one. I thought this was a cute idea for a layout. Have a look at the finished page:

Just to add to the whole homework theme, I went ahead and "graded" the page like a teacher would. I think it's a pretty cool page, what do you think? Will you try this?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Trash To Treasure Post!

You know I love saving things from the trash right? LOL! I've done several posts like this. It all starts with me finding something that someone else tossed away. This time it was a big wooden frame. Here's how she looked to begin with:

I thought it was lovely and deserved to be given a new life. I started by painting the frame with a dry brush lightly dipped in pink and white paint. I wanted the weathered shabby look so I allowed some of the original color to show through. While that was drying, I took some pretty fabric and placed it in a bowl. I got it wet with water, ringing out the excess, and poured on some Tattered Angels Coffee Stain glimmer mist. I worked quickly, ringing it out and wetting it down again. This gave a pretty, mottled stain effect to the fabric. I let this dry too.

Now, once everything was dry, I pulled out the trusty old glue gun. Applying it to the back of the frame where the glass would set, I adhered the fabric a little bit at a time, pulling it as taut as I could. In progress, it looked like this:

Once the fabric was completely in place, I had fun decorating. I used photos of my neighbor's daughter and used a clothesline theme to hang them on the frame. I finished with some pretty flower clusters. I gave this to my neighbor as a gift. This weekend her daughter turns four and I thought photos from her recent photo shoot (Photo Credits to Pixelhopper Photography) deserved to be shown off. Here's the final piece, looks pretty good coming from an unloved, unwanted frame right?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CHA is here and I have new Basically Bare to share!

It's CHA week! Today I'm going to share the new Basically Bare shapes and some of my exciting news too.. Ready? Here we go..........

First lets look at "Oh So Mini" mix and match mixed media albums:

Available in six shapes these albums are perfect to mix and match to create one of a kind pieces perfect for your memories. Check here for more information and design team inspiration!

Now have a look at "Fanciful Frames II":

These beauties are inspired by antique photo frames, and the possibilites are endless when creating with them. Check them out here!

Moving along, we find a fun new member of the Basically Bare family: "Hats & 'Stashes":

Imagine the fun you can have with these! The Basically Bare design team had fun making samples which you can see here.

Our last stop is a special one to me. My big news is that Basically Bare has again decided to produce one of my designs! I thought up these jailer's keys after being inspired by the actual thing. There is something I just love about a big old ring of jangly keys. I thought it would be great to make some that wouldn't be as bulky and heavy as actual metal keys. They could be customized to suit specific projects and they would lay flat in completed albums. Here they are:

How do you feel about these new Basically Bare releases, which is your favorite?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Inspiration: Summer Homework!

Today I want to share an unlikely inspiration. My daughter's school sends home a "Summer Brain Games" booklet for those students whom request it. Rylie loves to do homework (hope it stays that way!) so she always wants the booklet. It is really wonderful, each page is a different activity that continues to strengthen what she just learned in first grade in the hopes that she will be ready when second grade starts this fall. A few of the pages are those really fun "column" pages. It shows maybe animal pictures on one side, and different types of foods on the other. The student has to draw a line to connect the animal with it's food of choice. As I reviewed my daughter's booklet, I was struck by these pages. This was a GREAT idea to capture my children's likes in the here and now. SO, I decided to model a layout on this idea, and here's how it turned out..

This was easy to do, I picked a few pics of my kids that I loved, then just did simple google image searches to find pictures of the things they really love right now. If I do one of these layouts a year, in the same format, it will be really cool to look through and see how they change as they grow. Do you like this idea and do you think you may try it?

Monday, July 2, 2012

More Moxxie Sneak Peeks!

Happy Monday! I've got a few more Moxxie sneak peeks to share today! First up, is Musically Inclined..

The colors here are rich and each sheet has it's own theme (brass, piano, percussion, strings, etc.). This line is perfect for concerts, band practice, heritage and more!

Next, have a look at Road To Recovery.

Again you'll notice the pretty color palette, but that isn't what matters the most with this collection. The story behind Road To Recovery is a deeply personal one and I encourage everyone to read about it here on the Moxxie blog. I feel it is about time a line like this be released, everyone can use this in their life.

Stay tuned, Moxxie has one more new release to show tomorrow!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Little Explorer

I had fun with this page! I think the outer space theme works well with the "exploration" theme of the picture. What do you think?

I used some puzzle pieces from Bo Bunny's Blast Off collection. These are so cute and they are easy to use. I built half of the puzzle onto a 12 x 12 square cardboard piece. I had painted the side of cardboard that would still show with a complimentary color of blue. I set my photo in place and then had fun with embellishing.

The cool-shaped primary buttons were a package of Blumenthal Lansing buttons. I also had to add some of my FAVE Basically Bare gears to this page! I covered them with Robot Blue October Afternoon Sprinklers.

Jumbo StarMallow Rice Krispie Treats!

Today it's so hot and sticky out that my kids just really don't want to be outside. It's the hot and sticky kind of air that makes taking a deep breath a difficult workout and you feel like you didn't get any air in at all. Yep, that nasty out! I wanted to find something they could do, so we made rice krispie treats. Have you seen these jumbo StarMallow shapes from Kraft??

My local Meijer store had these on sale at 2 for $3.00. I stocked up because we love marshmallows around here, and the kids love the star shape. Since I have so many (lol) I thought it would be fun to decorate the tops of the rice krispie treats with them. Just make them as usual, and when they are still sticky, place the StarMallows on top. Here's what they look like, the kids LOVE them and they are perfect for Independence Day!