Sunday, September 21, 2008

I have NEWS!!!

I made the Scrapnart DT!!! OK,let me do a happy dance:WOOHOO,WOOHOO,WOOHOO!! OK,I'm done,well not really but I promise I'll control myself from now on,LOL! If you haven't heard of them,you're really missing out! Scrapnart is a bi-monthly ezine,chock full of articles,reviews,and inspiration in the form of gorgeous layouts,cards,and creations! It also happens to be FREE! Just sign up and you will receive an email when each issue is available for download! They also have an awesome community called the "Scrap Pad" where you can talk with other scrappers about anything and everything. Do you want to be PUBLISHED?? Scrapnart wants to see YOUR creations! They have an easy online submission tool,really,it only takes a matter of minutes,so get to submitting!! The list of current calls is available on the site.. Oh,did I mention that all of this FREE,LOL!! So what are you waiting for,go check them out and tell them Rebecca referred you!

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Lily said...

congrats! I'll check them out