Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do you admit it?

Do you love the smell of paper? Do feel all giddy when you get your hands on a new paper pack, and you just can't help yourself?....You lean over....You......SNIFF!! Well, I admit to it, LOL!! Here I am checking out my new Basic Grey distressed cardstock....HAHAHAHA! C'mon, who's with me??!!! (Oh, it smells FAB!!)


AHadley said...

Every time I see you, you're sniffin' paper! We need to get you in rehab, LOL!

Oh, and I just had to tell you that the word verification for this post is "thedl" LOL, Here's the dl on thedl...hehe, I crack myself up.

byondbzr said...

LOL Amy, you crack me up! Yes, yes..I think I need some help here!

Beate said...

I am SO glad that I'm not the only one! I especially love the smell of the glittered paper. :/