Saturday, November 5, 2011

Make Christmas shine with Easy Canvas Prints!

Yes, I know what you are about to say to me, I really do! "Rebecca, it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, what are you doing making a Christmas post!" Well, I have a great reason! You see, I have already figured out what I'm giving folks on my list this year. I know something perfect, not just for my family but yours as well. Something easy, timeless, and sure to be a treasured family keepsake. No one will be regifting these beauties! Are you interested? Of course you are!

Look, we all need a little help this time of year. Whether you are getting gifts for ten people or a hundred, there is always that one person so difficult to buy for. Either they say they "have all they need already," or they tell you to "surprise them." I know people like this, and while they surely don't mean to, they kind of add to my holiday stress, LOL. From now on that stress will be no more because I have discovered Easy Canvas Prints!

Easy Canvas Prints will turn your favorite photos to canvas. Their website is very easy to navigate, and you can set up your canvases in mere minutes. They offer four set sizes and the option of customizing your own size if you need to. You also select the border style and width to fit your needs. Shipping is fast and customer service is wonderful should you need it! I set up an 8 x 10 canvas and am amazed at the quality of the piece. It's just the perfect gift, have a look:

So now I think you might understand why I'm posting this early. Get your lists out, cross "who's been naughty" off, and send everyone "who's been nice" a canvas from Easy Canvas Prints! They are happy to help you this holiday and offer discounts and deals on their Facebook page. In fact, if you "Like" Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook right now you'll automatically receive 50% off of your next order, and free shipping as well!

Hey, go do it! You will thank me, I'm telling ya!


MadebyGenieS said...

The canvas does look great, and I know someone who would love it! ;) I like the cute bow you put on it, too. I think I will order one!

MindyRadio said...

That is such a great gift idea. I have been thinking of getting one for our bedroom as well. Hopefully once things settle down with Ryan back in school I can do some remodeling and make a Florida Sunset canvas the focal point of our bedroom.

byondbzr said...

That is a great idea Mindy!

Tracy said...

Such a sweet gift.

Keshet said...

So adorable! Love the canvas you created!

CaninosArtisticCafe said...

That Canvas is beautiful!!!