Friday, December 16, 2011

Some cards to share!

Today is my parents' 45th wedding Anniversary! 45 YEARS together is an amazing milestone and calls for a special card! Sapphire is the traditional gift, so I used it's rich color to enhance what is meant to be not just any other card, but a display piece. (And I know my mom will definitely be displaying it!)

I made a bouquet from scraps of fabric and sweet little tea roses. The golden wedding bands were cut from gold glittered cardstock and I added some of my grandmother's old sheet music as well. I love this card, hope they will too!

Next, I want to share a few Christmas cards I made with the awesome chipboard birds from Basically Bare. I used both silver and gold powders to emboss them. Cute, right?

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CaninosArtisticCafe said...

Love that anniversary card/display so sweet! and those birds I do love them!!!