Monday, January 16, 2012

Teach them young...

I believe I've posted before how much my children, especially my daughter, love to craft and create alongside me. Rylie loves all things crafty, and even expressed a love of photography recently. She likes to model, and does that very well, striking her sweet poses! But she also said that she wants to be behind the camera, to capture those special moments and then "scrap them like momma".

Well, wouldn't you know, Santa must have heard her wish, because she got her first camera for Christmas! She absolutely loves it, and takes it everywhere. Many times each day I am told to "turn around mommy," and there she is, with her camera in my face, trying to capture the moment! I love this time in her life, six is a beautiful age. She is so smart, so eager, and the world really does belong to her! I hope that she continues to embrace her creative side. She wants to be a "scrapbooker, photographer, and nurse" when she grows up. I tell her she can absolutely be ALL THREE if she wants to!

I have a page to share today, that captures my budding "Future Photog". I caught a picture of her, taking a picture of me! I think it's just a tiny glimpse of the incredible future that lies before my baby girl. I used the Paparazzi Set from Basically Bare on this!


Krafthead said...

OMG this is beautiful! I love every detail~

Heidi said...

Wow! Your layouts and crafts are amazing. I'm going to enjoy seeing your work.