Saturday, August 25, 2012

Halloween Is Coming..

YES it is! While you might not know that by today's temperatures in the 90's, Fall will soon have us in it's grip. I love Fall and Halloween, so right NOW is the right time to create all of my Fall and Halloween decor.

This year I wanted something cool to hang on my door. I was thinking of a wreath, but soon found a great broom that fit the bill instead. Check it out..

These brooms are easy to decorate. All I needed was some ribbons and a wooden plaque to alter. I used lime green paint on a wooden plaque for this broom.

I tied ribbon onto the broom and then adhered the finished wooden plaque with a bit of help from a glue gun. It was easy-peasy!

What do you think, will you make one?


MindyRadio said...

I absolutely LOVE it! Where did you find the broom?

Alison said...

I'd love to know where you found the broom too. If I made one, it'd be more autumn inspired rather than Halloween...

byondbzr said...

The broom is from Michaels and only $2.
97. It's actually CHEAPER than any of the wreath options! (foam, grapevine, straw)

Unknown said...

That is so fun! But, I probably won't make one because I suck like that. Boo! However, if you come twist my arm, I will. Muahahahaha! ;) <3