Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bubblewrap flowers!

Oh yeah, I said it! I know that so many scrappers out there use bubblewrap to stamp cool patterns on their work. I'm here asking, WHY not actually include the bubblewrap on your pages? Huh? Well, it is super easy to whip up bubblewrap flowers. The technique is something seen in many tutorials, the only difference is that you're using bubblewrap instead of paper, ribbon, or fabric. Beause of this, I will go ahead and make a step by step tutorial for them. Are you READY!!!!! OK!

You will need:

* Bubblewrap
* Paint
* Fabri Tac from Beacon Adhesives
* Gemstones, or alternate desired flower center

Step 1.)

Begin by painting the bubble wrap. You want to paint the flat side, not the side with the air pockets. The reason for this is simple. The flat side will dry faster. Imagine the bubble side, with it's bumpy, rough texture, which takes far longer for paint to dry on! When it is dry, cut the bubblewrap into strips. My strips are approximately 9" in length and about a half inch in width.

Step 2.)
You painted on the flat side, but want to roll on the bubble side, if that makes any sense at all. Hold the strip bubble side up, and roll a bit of one end up into a ball. Apply a little glue to this, and then continue to wrap the strip around itself. You can twist this, from bubble side up to flat side, if you want to. The goal here is to get a nice flower shape. Apply glue as you go, to keep the flower in place as you roll..

Step 3.)
When you finish, add a teeny drop of glue to the center, and apply your rhinestone or other flower center. Allow these to set for at least an hour before you use them on a project!

So, what are these fun flowers good for? Well, the texture and cool look lend themselves to fun, bright pages. I can see blue and orange ones on summer pages, and dark blue, white, and clear(unpainted) on winter pages. It's really up to you. Have fun with them! Do you think you'll try these out? Please let me know!


Kat said...

FUN idea! i may have to try this...i'm a bubble wrap fan! :-)

Darlene S. said...

I think this is such a cool idea! I even liked the bubble wrap just painted in stripes like your second photo, how fun would that be as a background paper!!??

Thanks for the inspiration!

Allie said...

This so awesome! What a great idea! I can't wait to try it out!

AllAmy said...

I'm making some RIGHT NOW!

runzalot81 said...

Thanks for the awesome tutorial! Following, too :)

Unknown said...

Amazing! I never thought you can actually do them! I thought paint would usually roll off plastic, but maybe not for this one. This is definitely a nice and artsy way to deal with bubble wraps that we don’t use, unless we're packing things and moving houses. Great job!
Clay Delgado