Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hair scrunchie flowers!

I REALLY love this idea for flowers, and they're ridiculously simple too! All you need is hair scrunchies, Fabri Tac, and chipboard or cardboard sheets.

Step 1.) Make a circle of Fabri Tac on your chipboard or cardboard. The circle of glue should be a little bit smaller than your scrunchie.

Step 2.) Wad the scrunchie in your hand, and kind of squeeze it all together so you don't see any open spaces.

Step 3.) Press this down onto the circle of glue and hold. You may need to move it around a bit so you can no longer see cardboard/chipboard underneath it. Hold this down for about 20 seconds.

Step 4.) Apply a pearl or rhinestone as a center, then cut the flowers out of the cardboard/chipboard.

That's it, told ya it was easy!!!!!


Amarilys said...

now, these are EASY to make! Thanks for sharing!

Chris said...

SUPER easy!!