Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ruffled lace/ribbon trim

I like the look of those fancy trims that some companies out there are selling. You know the ones that look like bundled roses? That's what I tried to recreate with lace and glue. I like the finished product, and it cost me only one dollar's worth of lace to make. Here's the finished trim, on a layout:

Does it look similar to those trims? Well, I think so! If you like it, and want to whip one up yourself read on!

You will need:
*Lace or ribbon, amount varies on the length you want your trim to be.
*Fabri Tac

Step 1.) Cut a piece of lace and glue it onto chipboard. The length is entirely up to you. Be sure you make the glue strip thin, and adhere the middle of the lace right onto it. This way, when you cut it out you won't see the chipboard backing. Cut many more pieces of lace, all around five inches in length. These will be the blooms.

Step 2.) Roll the blooms! Start with one end of a five inch strip of lace, and begin wrapping it around itself. Add a bit of glue as you go to help keep it together. When you get to the end, glue it to your bloom.

Step 3.)
Apply a bit of glue in the middle of the lace and press your bloom onto it. Press down right through the middle of it, and hold this in place for several seconds. Then, continue making blooms and putting them on the trim until you reach the length you want.

Step 4.) Cut the trim out of the cardboard and use it!


MindyRadio said...

Awesome. I think they look great.

Merdrey said...

Great idea there Rebecca!!!! And congrats on being on Gauche Alchemy's DT! Let's have some fun!!

Asma Albloushi said...

wow .. its so nice .. i hope you Success ..

welcome to my blog .. i will be happy when you will put your own comment ..


Good luck ..

Carol said...

Another fabulous flower tut. Thank you so much! Love love love these blooms.